Pre-School Athletes

Kids In Sports’ Pre-School Athletes programs offer children the opportunity to combine the best of the Kids In Sports athletic program with a classroom segment utilizing a curriculum designed to aid pre-school learners. 

We offer two drop-off programs: Pre-School Athletes 1 (PSA1) and Pre-School Athletes 2 (PSA2).

Our PSA1 program is ideal for children 2 1/2 - 4 years old and is an opportunity to separate from their caregivers. Our low teacher/child ratio of experienced and caring staff provide a wonderful atmosphere for learning and play.

Our PSA2 program is ideal for children 3 1/2 - 5 years old and is a great compliment to pre-school or a morning/afternoon activity.

The sports portion of our Pre-School Athletes program uses our unparalleled lesson plans for sports, games, races, and fun. Sports include baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and volleyball. One sport is focused on for two to three weeks before rotating to another sport. The class also includes fitness and cooperative games, as well as other gross motor skills development activities.

The classroom portion of our Pre-School Athletes program focuses on socialization and stimulating play while introducing educational concepts such as letter recognition, language development, and other cognitive development activities. Children will interact with different tactile objects, puzzles, and complete art projects while focusing on fine motor skills.

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